Too many Australian adults are struggling to eat enough fruit and veg – more than 80% of us don’t eat the recommended “two and five” we need to maintain health and wellbeing. By making sure our lunches are packed with fruit and veggies we can get well on the way to achieving those serves!

The Work Lunch Challenge is a fun way to help you build healthy habits every day. You can accept up to six of the following challenges:

  • 1. Build the basics: a healthy lunch every day 

  • 2. Add an extra serve of veggies

  • 3. Make a healthy swap

  • 4. Reduce waste and go for ‘nude food’

  • 5. Choose healthy hydration

  • 6. Make healthy choices when eating out

Registered participants will be provided by a password to access resources and further information and tips for each of these challenges.

By joining the competition you will make some positive changes to your eating behaviour and also gain points – the more points your earn for your team the better your chance to win some healthy prizes! Remember to take pictures of your lunches using our hashtags to earn bonus points for your team.