Work Lunch Challenge is an initiative of Flinders Nutrition Consulting. We provide high quality, current and evidence-based nutrition services, advising on a range of projects across South Australia. Our projects include workplace health promotion, community education, food service and sports nutrition. Our consultants will work with you to implement a nutrition promotion strategy to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of everyone in your business.

Our consultants are staff and alumni from Flinders University Nutrition and Dietetics. We are renowned for excellence in Dietetic training, harnessing innovation and enterprise, and engaging with partners to deliver better nutrition in our communities. Many of our staff are doctorate-qualified Accredited Practising Dietitians with expertise spanning across clinical, public health, community and food service nutrition, applied to all stages life.

Why Workplace Health Promotion?

Investing in the health of employees has important effects on families, workplaces and society. Strong evidence supports the effectiveness of workplace health promotion, which has wide-ranging benefits, from greater employee engagement and morale to improved job satisfaction and productivity, reduced absenteeism and positive corporate reputation.

Beyond the Work Lunch Challenge, Flinders Nutrition Consulting can work with you to design and implement a nutrition promotion strategy to support the health and wellbeing of everyone in your business. Our premium service is provided by our expert nutrition and dietetic academics and researchers. Our graduate service is provided by qualified dietitians who have graduated from our courses within the last 3 years.

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